City Pole

Distributed Energy

Community resiliency is a foundational approach to protecting critical resources – power and telecom – against both periodic temporary outages as well as catastrophic impact from environmental disasters to malicious sabotage. As an organization actively developing and manufacturing critical infrastructure, Comptek has risen to the charge of designing a power redundancy system in partnership with Panasonic.

Resilient Energy Storage

50 kWh Microgrids – Fully-Encased Li+ Battery Cell The POWRPole is designed to be familiar to utility crews and compatible with existing supply chains. This ease-of-use approach enables rapidly scalable deployments, cost effective installation and minimal operating costs at all points in the life cycle. It is designed as a reliable product system east to apply and operated in all environments and uses the same equipment and methods to install utility poles. This system is inherently sage with active and passive monitoring systems – no unnecessary truck rolls. Inspection, repair and replacement is comparable to existing equipment, e.g. small transformers.